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About Life Associates
Significantly transforming and enriching the lives of individuals and organizations.

Life Associates and The Center For Managing By Values was founded by Dr. Michael O'Connor in 1970 to help organizations and individuals Live In Fuller Effectiveness. We are committed to sharing his ideas with the world, having greatly benefited from them within our own organization. Dr. O'Connor continues to serve as a mentor and leader in the role of Executive Vice President.

Our products and services are based on the principles of Managing By Values®, Dr. O'Connors unique philosophy and process for building and managing all-win, high-performing organizations. Weve had a part in numerous success stories, having empowered our clients to:
  • Improve performance, and lay the groundwork for long-term growth and stability.
  • Hire and develop "winners" - high-performing individuals who make a positive impact.
  • Create an all-win culture that embraces and successfully adapts to change.
  • Strengthen personal and organizational productivity and morale.
Our Values
Life Associates and The Center For Managing By Values is not only dedicated to sharing Managing By Values with others. We are also committed to applying its principles and practices to our own organization. Accordingly, everything we do is focused on alignment with our organizations core values:

Ethical: We make trusting, long-term relationships and the well being of our stakeholder groups and ourselves our #1 concern.
Teamwork: We build productive, fulfilling, sustained all-win relationships with our key stakeholder groups and among ourselves.
Excellence: We deliver exceptional and continually improving performance in ways that benefit all of our stakeholder groups as well as ourselves.
Success: We strive for ongoing financial strength and growth that benefits all of our stakeholder groups as well as ourselves.

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