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Our Successes

The best evidence of the worth we contribute to the organizations we work with is their own words and results. We invite you to read what others have to say about Life Associates and The Center For Managing By Values.
"These assessment and development tools have been a tremendous resource for our organization's strategic focus on hiring and developing winners and continuously improving both our productivity and morale along the way by aligning our people with our processes. Its no coincidence that our record-breaking financial performance has gone hand in hand with our gains in this crucial area of focus on human performance fit and growth." -- Bret Skousen, Director of Management & Organizational Development, Black & Decker

"These tools have been great assets for me in coaching others toward both higher personal performance and satisfaction, including improving their effectiveness with others within our company and with customers." -- Bob Lumley, Director of Sales, Bombardier Recreation Products

"It doesn't take long to realize that these personal development reports provide a full lifetime of opportunities for anyone who wants to improve their performance and their life. As a consultant, I've used these tools with employees from the frontline to executive management and ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations. I haven't yet found an individual who hasn't significantly benefited from these resources. I have seen these tools and other Life Associates tools applied in a variety of settings with thousands of clients and how they've radically changed the thinking and performance of people." -- David Spader, Personal & Organizational, Development Specialist, SBM

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