Golden Nuggets

Following is a brief selection of Dr. OConnor's insights, often referred to as "Golden Nuggets" among those who have learned from his teachings. Gleaned primarily from Dr. OConnor's book, The Platinum Rule, they address a variety of topics relevant to managing people and interacting more effectively, both in business and social settings.

Working with Diverse teams
Diverse teams are groups comprised of employees from all four personal styles. One plus for a diverse team is ... Read More

Hiring and Developing Winners: See Video

Revealing your style.
We all face people-handling choices constantly. Whether we're a leader or the led, a peon or a potentate, a seller or a buyer, we make crucial decisions about how to treat people. Read More

Building and Sustaining a Winning Culture: See Video

Defusing Conflict
Working with available options, try to create a win-win situation. Ask the customer what might work for him or her, then figure out if the two of you can make it happen. Read More

Total Business Success: See Video

The Platinum Rule: "Do unto others as they'd like done unto them."
That means, in short, learning to really understand other people -- Read More

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