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The following articles written by Dr. Michael O'Connor and published by Training Industry Quarterly are available for download, compliments of Life Associates and The Center For Managing By Values.
Winning Organizations Through People & Processes
Forget market conditions; external factors don’t cause sluggish performance, poorly executed priorities do. --

No more treading water: Even successful organizations can improve by merging people and processes. --

Don’t just roll out learning: Create the right culture and the other elements will follow. --
  • Companies that emphasize a clear, strong and effective culture don't have to pull their people along.
    Article: Culture Rules!

Business is like a game: It's more fun when you're winning. People and culture are the keys to keeping competitive. -

By understanding your personal styles, and the styles of those around you, it's possible to grow beyond being a creature of habit. -
  • People tend to be motivated primarily by one type of need and secondarily by another.
    Article: How Habits Shape Results

Hey batter, batter! Want to hit a home run for your organization? Understanding the different personality types of your learners can help you slide safely into home plate. -

A crucial key to our success with others is becoming Adaptable. -

Highly adaptable people consciously make choices to act in more rational, appropriate and effective ways - especially when faced with problems, conflicts and adversity. -

Researh has repeatedly shown that personal values evolve as a function of two major forces in our lives: significant emotional experiences and socialization. -

We can become more successful by simply practicing the "spirit" of the Golden Rule, stated simply as treating others with respect. -

"Performance Learners" seek forward movement, while "non-learners" are comfortable with the current state, whether it's their own or their organization's. -

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