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Training, coaching and consulting on a personal level.

Life Associates and The Center For Managing By Values offers a variety of services to assist you in implementing Managing By Values® and other processes geared to fulfilling the highest potential of individuals, workgroups, teams and organizations.

We offer employee and organizational assessment, facilitation of performance improvement opportunities, and coaching of executives/managers and other partners, with the goal of applying practical solutions to enhance and support your existing processes, as well as introduce new ones.

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Phone: (845) 454-2611

Personal Style (DISC) Certification
Personal GPS (Global Profiles System)
Situational Leadership II and DISC: The Leadership Bridge Program
Hiring and Developing Winners
Managing By Values
Organizational Assessments and Development
Leadership Development Programs

Personal Style (DISC) Certification a GPS Product
by Michael O'Connor

The DISC (Personal Style) Certification is a professional online training program, which is one of the 6 GPS Analyses. This is an effective development tool that can be used by professional trainers, coaches, consultants, human resource professionals and others. After successful completion of this online program, the student will be certified to purchase and coach others in the use of DISC (Personal Style) Assessments. You will receive an in-depth understanding about the DISC (Personal Style) profile analysis reports and learn how to setup and perform assessments for clients and/or employees, as well as, learn how to interpret and apply the results to optimize individual and organizational benefits for a wide variety of uses, including developing a higher level of social intelligence.

Learning Concepts:
  • Two primary behavioral style dimensions (DISC)
  • Situation versus Core-self
  • Personal Style State
  • Performance related personal style discussion
  • The Big 6 Personal Performance Factors Model
Applicable Tools
  • Personal Style Analysis
  • People Reading Analysis
An exam will be given upon lesson completion and successful professionals will receive a formal certificate recognizing their designation as a Life Associates and The Center for Managing by Values Certified Personal Assessment & Development Professional in the Personal Styles Suite.

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The Mysteries of Motivation: Why People Do the Things They Do
by Michael O'Connor

Have you ever wondered why people do the things they do? Could you benefit from knowing what motivates the individuals with whom you interact to behave in a certain manner? Drawing from concepts of DISC for personal style and values, an organized system of thought that determines how people decide what is right or wrong, this helpful booklet sheds light on the mysteries of human behavior and motivation - knowledge you can use to maximize your own potential, and that of others, while satisfying individual needs. Learn to create a more productive environment for yourself and others, where everyone can benefit from a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

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Personal GPS (Global Profiles System)™

The Personal GPS is an integrated set of assessments that provides a comprehensive picture of the total person. This family of analysis reports enables us to understand ourselves as well as others. By using these life enriching tools we can chart the course for on-going successful development.

Comprehensive picture of the total person
  • Where we have been
  • Where we are currently
  • Where we want to go
  • How to successfully get there
  • Self view
  • Key observer view
  • Observer group view
  • Analysis
  • Strategies
  • Action Plans
See Assessment Descriptions: Please contact us for more information.

Hiring and Developing Winners (HDW)™

While most organizations have a success rate of less than 25% at hiring and developing winners, our full life cycle planning, hiring and developing process can ensure a success rate of 75% or higher.

The 5 step Hiring and Developing Winners Model Plan Options

Step 1: Job Analysis - This consists of an analysis of this job to identify Key Results Areas and most Critical Tasks needed to achieve high performance. Step 2: Job Profile - We identify the "Big 6" factors profile that drives high performance for this job/role. Step 3: Candidate/Job - We use the "Job Analysis" and "Job Profile" to target your recruitment efforts and more successfully interview as well as assess both job candidates as existing jobholders with respect to the "job fit". Step 4: New Hire/Jobholder Development - Focuses on (a) key high performance job-related strengths to capitalize on with both new and existing performers, (b) priority performance development actions, (c) effective coaching and development practices, and (d) periodic reassessment for continuously higher performance. Step 5: Strategic Succession Planning - Involves identifying key current and future jobs in company against high potential internal candidates, their readiness level and related strategic staffing business decisions.


This program builds effective leader-manager capacity through both increased awareness and successful management of our own natural tendencies as well as those of the people we manage or influence. In addition, it also focuses on capitalizing on and building our leadership style strengths and how to more effectively manage and influence others based on both their personal tendencies and performance level in any specific situation. The unique power of SLII & DISC is that it shows participants not just WHAT leadership style to use when but also HOW to communicate to different types of people to optimize their influence.

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Managing By Values®

Based on more than 25 years of applied research and services for organizations, MBV® is a systematic method for identifying and committing to a common purpose and shared values and then aligning business practices with those values to allow all its stakeholder groups owners/shareholders, employees, customers and significant others such as suppliers, lenders, communities to win.

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Organizational Assessments and Development

The Pathfinder Survey - An in-depth analysis featuring key questions to discover the true state of an organizations health. This is a proven process for utilizing feedback and implementing change.

Feedback from:
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Others
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Leadership Development Programs

This rigorous 17-month learning experience focusing on managerial success and leadership takes place over six three-day sessions. LDP is designed to:
  • Develop effective leaders for the future of our company
  • Promote professional and personal growth
  • Give you tools and techniques for improving your work performance and that of others
  • Cultivate, through training, coaching and on-the job application, a wide-ranging ability to manage situations in a manner consistent with our organization's values
  • Nurture and sustain a strong Managing By Values (MBV©) culture
  • Give you the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to your organization's success through work on an improvement project approved by senior management.
Note: Leadership Development Programs are conducted at one or more off-site conference facilities. Not available in webinar format.

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